Plus Size Faux Leather Peplum Belt Adjustable $63.99


Primary color

80's inspired fully adjustable plus size silver peplum accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. This convertible plus size silver peplum wrap belt unique is that is has a 4" band that acts like a corset, to accentuate the smallest part of your body (under your bust). This convertible plus size belt camouflages back fat, while the plus size peplum camouflages stomachs, and pouches. And it even adds shape to your backside.

SMALL (FITS SIZES 2 -14) (Waist 22" - 33")
MEDIUM (FITS SIZES 14 -20) PLUS SIZE (Waist 35" - 46")
LARGE (FITS SIZES 20 - 26) PLUS SIZE (Waist 48"-59")


This plus size peplum works with:
a tank with jeans or stretch pants.
that spandex dress you would never wear
or can be worn as a cropped shirt

Made out of faux leather that looks and feels like real leather. it has a black knit backing that feels good against the skin

This peplum works for plus size, regular size, petite, tall... all shapes and sizes. The fullness of this peplum will add shape to those with little curves and enhance those with a lot of curves. This is the perfect travel item.


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